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We know how annoying it is, to constantly be taking off your jewelry before your shower, gym session, at the beach, or wherever life takes you….

But the key is just knowing what you are wearing, if the jewelry is from us, it's either stainless steel or .925 silver, and if it’s not from us then I would be worried too.

Let’s break it down,

Stainless steel is a non tarnishing or oxidizing material, which means you can submerge our pieces in water forever and nothing would happen. It's our go-to metal for those who are constantly in pursuit of the world. Whether it's sweating in it, surfing for hours on the beach, the stainless jewelry is here to stay with you in terms of quality.  But if you are looking for a bright white shine with finer details, .925 silver is where it's at. 

Now, real silver gets tricky as it has a tendency to naturally oxidize when heavily exposed to water with fluoride. We always recommend taking that extra 10 seconds to take off all your silver before entering the shower, because dry silver is happy silver. Now we know most of the time, that's not the case and we even forget we are wearing jewelry, and thats fine. Minimal cleaning will be needed after 2-4 months of heavy usage, with a silver cleaning solution.


The same thing goes for any other metals such as 14k gold or even diamonds, long term exposure to our shampoos and soaps we use daily can just deter our precious metals, this is just a heads up. (If you want more info on how to clean your silver, please read our care blog)

One way we help our active users in silver is by adding a plate of rhodium on top of our silver to harden the surface and also add a very bright glaze, similar to a glazed donut.



 Let's make one thing certain, both our .925 silver & stainless steel are hypoallergenic and not mixed with any other metals, so you don't ever have to worry about your skin throwing a reaction. Only cheap metals such as brass and copper can trigger a reaction on delicate skin, and that's why we stay away.


If you have more questions about anything...

please shoot us an email at foreignsupplyinfo@gmail.com

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