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We were inspired to talk about this because we noticed that most of our clients don’t have an idea of how their necklaces will essentially fit.
But sizing is different for everyone, so it should be what's most comfortable for you
 We’re here to paint an image for you of what some lengths will look like and talk about how different lengths and fittings became popular in different eras.


Baggy bape hoodies with 24 inch chains, no one cared about skinny jeans. Everywhere you looked, you saw chains hanging on stomachs. It’s crazy how rapidly culture & fashion shift,

and we don't even notice it, the music we listen to and the media we consume everyday paints the picture for us. Humans just recycle the same trends and ideas in new & innovating ways.


Fast forward to, when skinny jeans and Chelsea boots were most popular, the fitting  was just different, speaking for myself and where I grew up. I had to go to zara and cash out on their european jean fittings, and get myself a snapback or what was the point. Point is, looking back makes you realize that trends are not forever, how you want your clothes to fit and how low you want your jewelry to hang is completely up to you. Be yourself at all times, what you admire now is going to change later so have fun with it.

Enough of looking back, let's dive into


This is a digital era, we don’t see our friends like we used to, we just tap buttons on our phones, see packages arrive at our door. One thing for certain is that life keeps moving, and if we don't adapt, we will be left behind. That goes for businesses like us and individuals that are working towards something. Anyways back on topic, this year, the popular go too is tight collar fitting jewelry and chokers for both men & women. If you want that choker look, go for a 18” length to be on the safe side. Here pictured is Lil Uzi Vert and his layers which are 18" + 20"

or check out NBA YOUNGBOY layering 18" pieces on his latest album cover

If that's not your style, and you want more hang time for your necklaces, stick to 20" and above. It's been the classic length for men and can never go wrong. You can even tuck it under your shirt if you want to be minimal.
(foreign+supply will start to incorporate longer lengths in newer links, we definitely never have released a 26" necklace similar to whats pictured here.) 
 Necklace lengths can be visualized (sort of) but we definitely can't help with rings on this blog. Please check out our size guide posted on every product.
If you want the tightest fit around your neck, which is most popular for women, 16" is the length you need, it will wrap around your neck and be visible no matter what layers you have on top.
now for (bracelets)
we would love to help you but everyone has different size wrists, and hard to visualize through a picture.
one way we can explain it is, 
if you have smaller wrists or want a tight fit- 6.5"-7.5"
looser fit & mostly men's average sizing 8"-8.5"
if you have any questions or need help, please email us at foreignsupplyinfo@gmail.com

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