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What’s Our Secret Sauce?

Have you ever heard of rhodium? Chances are, probably not – it is a relatively unknown

precious metal.

It is also what we use for plating all of our .925 silver jewelry. While we use rhodium to add shine, protection, and longevity to our pieces, we want each of our customers to understand just how much value rhodium brings to each and every piece. It’s kind of like a handy dandy sidekick, after all.

It should come as no shock that rhodium is a trusted metal for any piece of jewelry – it is part of the platinum family! What is so valuable and innovative about using rhodium is that it creates a protective shield for your pieces. Plating jewelry with rhodium creates a surface that guards against scratches while still providing a reflective, white gold-like appearance. This is why it is usually used to plate both white gold and silver jewelry.

So, what are the advantages?

That are many advantages to using rhodium plating for jewelry. First, it adds to the appearance by increasing luster, shine, and durability. So, your jewelry won’t fade, tarnish, or wear out over time. This is especially useful for silver pieces as they are more prone to scratches and tarnishing. Another popular advantage is that rhodium makes your jewelry hypoallergenic, and it is free of nickel. This is excellent news for those who have nickel allergies.

How long does rhodium last?

Rhodium is a plating, so it does wear off over time. Many different factors can contribute to how long it takes to wear off. These are mostly related to how often you wear the pieces, as well as what kind of wear and tear it is being exposed to. If you wear your jewelry often or expose it to more of the elements, you may have to reapply the plating every couple of years.

Want to get to know rhodium a little better?

While rhodium is a precious metal – just like silver, gold, or platinum, it is very rare to find in nature! Typically, it is only found as a by-product of mining for other precious metals like platinum. Though it is a rare find, we use it in all of our pieces to ensure high quality and a beautiful appearance.

Rhodium is a fantastic plating material but isn’t very well-suited on its own. Because it’s rare, it is also costly. This isn’t great news for those looking for affordable and high-quality jewelry pieces. It’s also brittle and not very malleable in its pure form. ‘

This is what makes it the perfect complement to jewelry made from other precious metals! It’s harder than both silver and gold, so it works best with other precious metals to protect them. There are also no required cleaning procedures. Who doesn’t love low-maintenance jewelry?


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