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We often get this question a lot, in our DM’s, comments, emails, about where we get the inspiration to create. So I’m dedicating a blog to this question because it deserves it. When you are in an industry as big as jewelry, you need to inherit unique characteristics around the brand that can continue on

Inspiration is random....

the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

There's no clear answer to where it can come from but I realize often when I’m traveling and catching up with friends, sitting down in a booth at a club with a blank stare on my face that I have a sudden bolt of inspiration. Maybe it's the music pumping through the speakers lifting my spirits, but I can't explain the sudden craving to create for my supporters in the middle of the club. I do know that being in a new environment often sparks new thoughts & ideas.

Maybe I'm imagining everyone in the club wearing foreign+supply because I see so much jewelry glistening under the bright lights and all the personalities squeezed in this place. I pay attention to what style of jewelry is trending right now, recently I noticed a lot more colored bead necklaces with a lot pearls in the mix. I’ll take that foreign intelligence and store it far away in my head because I have to drop an earring collection for Halloween first. But you get the point, if you're looking for inspiration you will find it in random times. But nowadays we can process too much content from scrolling on Instagram or Tik-Tok, it’s so easy to be overstimulated which can hurt your creativity.

There are plenty of scientific studies on this, but I’ll leave it at that. Even though we are an internet company with a big portion of our audience on Instagram, I understand the effects that social media can have when you abuse it. They have a word to describe our type of company, it's called conscious selling.

A big portion of my job is actually just creating content, it can be draining sometimes, Nonetheless it's a cornerstone in business especially on the internet. To build a community that not only loves the product but also the way you present it to the world. Now the reason it's hard is because you can't just hire a AI digital robot to find or create interesting content.

You have to be mentally sharp & ready to showcase new work every single day. 365 days out of the year in which we are open for business. It's easy to get side-tracked especially when you're juggling budgets for ads, and shipping orders everyday & creating exciting pieces. It's hard to be inspired every single day, so in the next paragraph, I want to highlight the word discipline.

Inspiration is nothing without discipline.

Finding inspiration is easy, the hard part is actually sticking to a plan on how bring an idea to life. I had this blog half written 6 months ago, only today I decided to actually sit down and focus on finishing it.

This blog can potentially help someone that same way. Only when ideas are brought to completion, they can be judged upon. Discipline in this context is taking your inspiration from the world, and applying it in benefit of your own life.

You work with what you have. They have a saying which is if you copy one of your role models, that's plagiarism, but if you combine 20 of your role models work and make something that's called research.

Its the reason I was inspired to finish this was because if you didn't notice, we're not selling you jewelry in this blog, but rather communicating an idea and seeing whether you guys enjoy the topic.

If the data says you did, I'll continue making more, if not onto the next idea. Just like that, no hard feelings. Actually forget the data, if you enjoyed this make sure to reply to this email because my greatest inspiration is you. 

Until next time...



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