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Foreign sources .925 silver from Italy for the love of silver, it includes a bright shine to everyday outfits and will last forever if properly maintained. our pieces include a hallmark on every solid silver item, (you'll see it eventually)

So exactly why .925 silver?

.925 silver is a versatile material that's been around for a very long time, it seems to coordinate with any outfit at any time. Jewelers go-to metal is silver because of how soft it is, there’s an endless amount of creativity that can be molded. 

A downside of silver is that it can be very H20 sensitive, meaning it does not react well with constant use in water as authentic silver naturally can tarnish. To fight this, we use rhodium plating on top of our silver which gives it an extra shine as well as another layer to sustain long term durability. Rhodium plating comes at a price we are willing to pay, due to its rarity as a metal. (To learn more about how to care for your precious silver, please read our care blog)

2020 has been a strange year, even for silver, as its price reached a record high, it cost us even more to source the metal, and had forced us to increase some prices to fight our margins this year.

Nonetheless, creating silver staples for - eigners has always been our bread & butter and we will continue to deliver our boxes of luxury at a fair price.

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