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.925 silver #doublecross ring

$55.00 USD
.925 silver #doublecross ring

.925 silver #doublecross ring

We wanted to make  a Emerald-Cut High Carbon Diamonds ring with the skeleton made in pure #925silver.

High carbon diamonds are usually classified as Type IIa diamonds and they’re often colorless or near-colorless. 

High carbon diamonds are not simulated diamonds, but gemstones with more fire than diamonds.

We wanted to incorporate these gems with the best quality signature foreign #925silver skeleton designs we can create.

Lightweight & easy to wear on the go, everyday wear n tear.

The high carbon content in these gems can also cause them to have a higher level of fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light, which can give them a distinct appearance under certain lighting conditions. 

Durability is key and high carbon diamonds are known for exceptional hardness and durability, which makes them resistant to scratches and other forms of damage.

This makes it an ideal choice to use for a #foreign ring that will be worn frequently.


How to maintain sterling silver jewelry?

If you’re bathing or swimming, we recommend removing all kinds of jewelry to prevent the occurrence of alkali products fluoride mixing with silver causing a reaction that can over-time ruin the quality of jewelry.

Avoid contact with hair-spray, perfume, skin-care products, sulfur soap, etc. Because of the chemical substances in their ingredients, it can make silver products look dull or lose their shine.

Regardless of silver or other jewelry, it is best to remove all jewelry before going to bed, then next day according to the clothing options you select, you can match the accessories as-well. Which is a good habit of wearing jewelry. Especially the longer earrings, heavier necklaces, and also delicate pieces. 

If properly maintained, you can wear our jewelry for the long term, reducing human damage and unnecessary maintenance.


$55.00 USD